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Today, we are offering you a website for a 90 day "New Sales and Old Clients Management Program".
(Discounted websites can start at $295.00 for a limited period.
No Client Management Program included)

FREE during our promotion campaign
- 1 website FREE
- Website optimization FREE
- Web traffic analysis FREE
- E-mail campaign analysis FREE

The program includes:
1 - New prospect registration
2 - New & old customer enrollment
3 - E-mail marketing
4 - A current and compliant e-mail list
5 - Cell phone text messaging
6 - Preventative auto maintenance programs
7 - Scheduling for efficiency
(Quote needed for selected features.See Pricing)

           There is a merit in having an outsourced marketing team that may cost you a lot less than two tune-ups a month for a measurable increase in sales and a full 90 day satisfaction money back guarantee.

           We are so sure of the increase that we are giving you a free website (a $500.00 value) when you enroll during our limited 
promotion campaign.

1 - New prospect registration
          Many businesses spend a fortune just to have 
a prospect come through their doors. If you let them go 
right back out without knowing how to thank them with
 your next promotionyou could be leaving 
money on the table.

2 - New customer enrollment
         When a consumer trusts you the first time with a transaction, there is a natural opportunity to keep him as a repeat customer. If you fail to enroll him or her in your loyalty program, you could be leaving money on the table. 

3 - E-mail marketing
          An old customer and or a new client would appreciate
a "Happy Birthday" e-mail. The same greeting sent to a 
stranger that visited your shop could prove that you 
will care just as well for their cars. If that remains mere a hopeyou could be leaving money on the table.

4 - A current and compliant e-mail list
          Do you have time to build an opt-in list with current addresses without a spam violation? You could be leaving money on the table.

5 - Cell phone text messaging
         Can you page your customer base to fill a cancellation spot for a routine inspection, or a pending repair? If you can'tyou could be leaving money on the table.

6 - Preventative auto maintenance programs
         An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If at least 30%  of your customers are not scheduled for routine preventative measures, you could be leaving money on the table.

7 - Scheduling for efficiency
         Your repair schedule should be filled two weeks in advance with room for walkins and your loyal customer emergency needs. If that remains just a hope, you could be leaving money on the table.

Call today or register to take advantage of this unique promotion opportunity. We only authorize one discounted Pilot Program per area.
           Think rising sales...
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